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Special thanks to Jamie King for providing awesome lessons on code, architecture and general way of thinking as a computer scientist.


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Work Experience

ChipSoft - Software Developer

May 2016 present day

ChipSoft is a massive medical software company in The Netherlands. It focuses on software for almost all medical fields and supports most, if not all, platforms. If I were to name two of the best aspects of working at ChipSoft I'd probably say the fact that you get to work with numerous languages in their latest versions, like c#, javascript, nodeJS and many others. And the fact that you get to work on software that is used in many hospitals and clinics in the country. visit for more on ChipSoft.

Advisie Business solutions - Junior Consultant

August 2015 May 2016

As a consultant at Advisie you're tasked with developing customer specific solutions. Each customer has unique problems because of the software and hardware they use, the job of the consultant is to asses each aspect of the presented problem and provide quick solutions to these problems. The consultant will then also develop the solutions and provide support for feature problems. visit for more on Advisie.

Agile Manufacturing HU - Intern Programmer

September 2013 February 2014

I was responsible for improving the REX operating system that was used to run the robots. My part was mainly to develop a simulation system that can simulate the real-life robot in 3D and anticipate calculation mistakes. Among the large number of tools I worked with ROS, C++, and gazebo. I was also responsible for recreating the robots in 3D and creating animated demo videos. For more info visit

Global Design Mainframe GDM - lead Unity programmer

January 2014 July 2015

When GDM made its first move into the gaming market, I was asked to help develop some startup projects and strengthen the development team. I worked as the lead programmer for a few months, developing a fun game we came up with. I worked with several great artists to build a game in unity (a framework I was completely unfamiliar with) it was all great fun and a great learning experience. For more info visit

The ICT professionals - Intern programmer

January 2010 July 2010

I was responsible for programming the mini-games used in casino slot machines. Each game was first discussed by the team after which Art was created for it. As soon as the art was done it was my turn to turn the images into a game. this was to be done in adobe flash actionscript 3.0. Most of my time was used for game-logic programming and a small portion for creating effects like particles and small animations.

The Competence Group - Intern programmer

October 2008 April 2009

This was my first internship ever. I was responsible for programming a new tool that could generate animation scripts for the artists working in adobe flash. I developed the tool using the JSP language provided by adobe

Technical Skills







Software architecture



Flash/After Effects/Cinema 4D/Photoshop

Unity 3D/Game Maker Studio

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